Sunday, April 30, 2017

Charlie Worsham - Beginning of Things: Album Review

The album begins with 'Pants', a 14-second comical ditty that begins one of the best albums of 2017 so far. Songs are engaging and impressive, with heartfelt lyrics. There is genuine meaning throughout the album, paired with the guitar parts that would make any country artist proud.
The album has goofy moments with 'Lawn Chair Don't Care', but these moments are highly enjoyable and without being lowest-common-denominator. Charlie Worsham is well-known and respected in the alternative country music community, and with albums like this you can see why.

The title track 'Beginning of Things' is the stand out song of the album. A simple story, told in a unique way with lyricism that is mesmerizing. It is one of those rare songs that makes you think 'wow' on the first listen.

Perhaps the album dwells on for too long, but the albums merits far outweigh its faults. I would recommend 'Beginning of Things' to country fans, singer-songwriter fans and anyone who likes music regardless of genre.

Well worth your time, the album is high-quality music. 4.5/5.