Sunday, August 14, 2016

Justin Moore - Kinda Don't Care : Album Review

An unimpressive album that never really lives up to its potential. 
does my hat match this background?
Justin Moore is one of the many young individuals signed to the 'Big Machine Records Group'. This label has be known to produce some of the biggest stars, such as Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line. Moore has released two albums in the past, but it seemed like this third album was his chance to break, with his single 'You Look Like I Need A Drink' gaining serious radio interest. In the past year he has gained many fans, played at the opry and performed a song with Hank Williams Jnr at CMA Fest. 

Justin Moore's single 'You Look Like I Need A Drink' (Track 6) is one of the highlights, with most of the other songs never becoming fully realised.  Most of the time Moore is trying to be someone else, rather than create an original sounding album. 'Robbin' Trains' (Track 1) is a rather good Jason Aldean impression, whilst 'Got It Good' (Track 9) is more a copy of Randy Houser. The album shines when we hear Moore doing something new. 'Goodbye Back' (Track 5) is an excellent example of this, which demonstrates the potential the album had. 

In terms of lyrics, most songs are about a girl. The classic 'girl in a country song' who is never more than a two-dimensional character. The tracks about this, such as 'Put Me In A Box' (Track 3) are dull and vapid. I hoped this trend in country was fading, but this album may beg-to-differ.

One highlight of the album is the duet with Brantley Gilbert, 'More Middle Fingers' (Track 11). Though I am not usually a fan of Gilbert, the song is set to be a guilty pleasure with goofy lyrics and a catchy chorus. In all fairness many songs on the album are relatively catchy, but few songs offer anything new or interesting.

For me, just a waste of potential. May be worth downloading the odd few song, but that's about it. 2.5/5

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