Friday, August 19, 2016

Dolly Parton - Pure & Simple : Album Review

A charming album, that's worth a listen.
don't expect an exciting cover after 42 albums
'Pure & Simple' is Dolly Parton's 43rd studio album. Most artists this far into their career aren't celebrated for their new music. Clearly there is demand for this album. There is a dedicated fanbase for Dolly, who have never strayed from their love of the blonde singer. Though this album is far from Parton's best, it is set to please many.

The album is at its best when Dolly Parton shows of some of her signature charm. This can be heard on songs such as 'Lovin' You' (Track 12) and 'Outside Your Door' (Track 6). The best songs on the album have sweet lyrics and a heavily layered textured, such as on 'Never Not Love You' (Track 3). These songs are set to please fans due to their classic Parton nature. Other songs are not as strong, with songs such as 'Head Over High-Heels' (Track 9) feeling cliched and a little below Parton. 

Many of the songs on the album are gospel-influenced, allowing many songs to show off Parton's voice, such as on 'Forever Love' (Track 10). Despite this, most of the songs on the album do not fully demonstrate the strength of Parton's voice. 

The main highlight of the album has got to be the first song 'Pure and Simple' (Track 1) which is catchy, sweet and gets you fully excited for the rest of the album. It's theme goes on throughout the album, helping to make the album entertaining. 

On top of the original album for Parton, this album (on UK stores only) has every song from Parton's Glastonbury performance. This performance which has reignited Parton's career in the UK, is entertaining and worth repeating again and again. 

Set to please fans, even if it is not Parton's best work. 3.5/5. 

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