Monday, June 6, 2016

Fifth Floor - Drink It Away: EP Review

Worth a listen due to its showcase of potential.
There are very few successful women in country music, and there are even fewer popular country artists that aren't from America. This may be set to change though as 'Fifth Floor' show strong potential on their debut EP, with enough talent to kick-start a career in country.

The EP starts with 'You're Not in the Picture Anymore', a classic country break-up song with strong songwriting with a unique 90s feel. 'Drink It Away', is the single from the EP but it is the weakest on the EP, feeling less original than the other songs. The EP reaches a high on track 3 - 'Where the Credits Roll', a unique song with modern country lyrics and good harmonies. 'Ghost Town' is an entertaining end to the four song EP.

Production wise, this EP may need some work, but for an independent debut EP this is to be expected. All four songs on the album have strong points and overall the EP is well worth a listen. 3.5/5.